Brian Nunan

Brian has held annual one-man exhibitions in various Australian Galleries from 1971 , including Hamilton Fine Arts Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts in Darwin, his work featuring in private collections throughout Australia and several overseas countries.

The subject of his paintings came from his extensive travels undertaken each year to theNorthern Territory & the northern area of Western Australia.

Just as Brian himself derives a sense of purpose & significance from being in the bush, so does he give significance to the outback people and places he records in his paintings.

Portrait commissions include General W Watson RAMC, Bishop Stewart of Sandhurst. Noted sculptor Hans Knorr.

Mr A. Phieffer Chairman of the German Club.

Greek Mythology, encompassing life figure studies and story telling on canvas adds dimensions to his work.

Since 1997 Brian has worked & shown his work at his studio & Gallery in Castlemaine.


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